Holiday Benefits

What Makes the Berg.Vital Hotel Alpenaussicht Special.

10 reasons for spending your holidays at our hotel.

A house which has preserved its naturalness. Where a unique attitude towards life makes every single day a special one – and where moments of happiness bring a smile to your face as soon as you get up in the morning: at the view of the exceptional mountain panorama. At the warm “good morning” greeting and during every single conversation. 

Welcome to the Berg.Vital Hotel Alpenaussicht – amidst the Ötztal Nature Park, in a top location with snow guarantee in winter and with glowing summits in summer. With a healthy cuisine certified with the AMA-seal of quality, private rock spring water and an especially agreeable mountain climate.

You have never been here?
Find out what makes the Berg.Vital Hotel Alpenaussicht
special for your self – below you find some tips.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

1. Top location
Peaceful and completely unspoilt in a perfect location offering beautiful panoramic views and a fantastic sun terrace.
2. Ötztal Nature Park
The Hotel Alpenaussicht is a certified partner business with the Ötztal Nature Park. Our hotel is located in the heart of the Ötztal Nature Park and is a perfect base for exploring the area.
3. High-alpine paradise & snow guarantee
A high-alpine paradise for mountain enthusiasts in summer and winter alike.
4. Healthy cuisine
We exclusively use crystalline rock salt in our cuisine. All dishes are made without the use of artificial flavour enhancers and condiments.
5. Ama-seal of quality, “bewusst Tirol” award
These awards and cooperations ensure that food used in our business, surpasses the legal quality standards and can be traced back to their origin.
6. Private rock spring water
“Where there is clean water, people are healthy.” Postulates an old saying. This is also true for the Hotel Alpenaussicht, which gets its water from its private rock spring.
7. Agreeable high mountain climate
Climate factors in the high mountains such as temperature, wind, ultraviolet light conditions and air pressure, have a positive impact on the organism.
8. Mountain air with only few irritants
Low pollen count also during the main flowering times. Asthmatics and people suffering from hay fever experience a relief from their symptoms and can enjoy sports in normal conditions.
9. Break from allergies
Thanks to the altitude of Obergurgl (1,930m) there are no dust mites and allergy sufferers can enjoy symptom-free holidays.
10. Certified mountain & ski guide
Ronald Ribis, the host of the hotel, has been heading the mountain guide office since 2010. Mr. Ribis is happy to advise you and to give you hiking tips. He also gladly assists you in the planning of your next mountain tour.