Mountain Experience & Tour tips

Mountains: Source of Inspiration.

Varied. Wild. Breath-Taking. 

Summits and mountains have always had a magic attraction to us. They fascinate us with their size and how they proudly dominate the horizon. They inspire us with their strength, which gets our entire organism going. This inspires us to be as good as we can, to push our limits and change our perspectives.

Ronald Ribis – your host and the manager of the house – loves the mountains just like you do. As a certified mountain and ski guide he gladly helps you to plan your next mountain tour and surprises with precious tips, tricks and insider information.

Corners, edges and plenty of surprises.

The mountains of the Ötztal Alps have a special character – they stretch up to an altitude of 3,500m, preserve their glaciers and are magical oases of peace offering unforgettable adventures between cliffs and rocks. Undiscovered lakes, fantastic forests and varied skiing pistes in winter ensure that we can rediscover ourselves – in a world, where there is plenty to marvel about.