Spa Area

VITAL. Sauna 90 °C Warmth.


Feeling at ease and health.

Sometimes one needs to close one’s eyes to see properly. Let the spirit run free to catch new thoughts and to undertake some soul-searching to breath freely. The fantastic location of our Berg.Vital Hotels Alpenaussicht and the beautiful view of the surrounding mountains offer perfect conditions for doing so – and our vitalising spa area offers the perfect setting:

Bring your body and spirit in tune with our soothing 90°C sauna, which boosts your circulation and strengthens your immune system – and feel the magic force of the mountains. This is a classic sauna experience in an exceptional ambiance – created for experiencing a real sense of well-being.


VITAL. Herbal Sanarium 55 °C


Herbal pleasures for the soul.

Free your respiratory system and enjoy the effects of fine herbs, all of which gently have their incomparable effects – effects as varied as the wide range of herbs available here.

From stimulating mountain pines to relaxing lavender oils to anti-inflammatory peppermint or depurative junipers – all can unfold their healing effects best in our 55°C-warm herbal sanarium.


VITAL. Steam Bath 43–46 °C


More energy and vitality with full steam.

Warmth opens our pores and creates excellent conditions for purifying in a holistic way – for a natural smooth skin, a maximum of moisture and a heavenly fresh feeling that lasts.

45° C and 100% humidity combined with numerous fine scents of herbs, flowers, fruit and spices provide for all of that in our steam bath. A place for the senses. For beauty and pure relaxation.


VITAL. Energy 30 °C


Experience the power of light.

It is the allrounder when it comes to well-being and balance: The infrared cabin has unique effects on our health system, gets rid of top-heaviness, tiredness and depressive moods and it provides new energy, strength, drive and even more motivation – all that at a gentle 30° C with healthy infrared warmth. It also releases muscle tensions after an exciting day on the piste or a day hiking and is beneficial for the immune system.


VITAL. Kneipping


Step by step towards well-being.

Towards new vitality with the power of water: Traditional Kneipp treatments boosts the circulation and increase the blood flow. It is a good preventive treatment for varicose veins and a Kneipp session in the evening promotes a sound sleep with a maximum of recreation.


free bathrobe from 7 nights - up to 6 nights EUR 10,00 washing fee

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