Powerful Herbs

The Special Power of Herbs.

How we use secret knowledge for new energies.

For many centuries one trusted into the power of herbs and spices. Not surprising – since there was no modern medicine. Still today many of these tested-and-tried substances are commonly used – because they are gentle on our organism and don’t destabilise it.
The precious knowledge about the effects of different herbs has been handed down from one generation to the next and today it is highly appreciated, which is why we dedicated a different herb to every day of the week.
Discover the magic power of this little health-promoters too – the best way to do so is by visiting our spa area’s sauna or steam bath.


How we use secret knowledge for new energies.

Refreshes the soul, frees the head, highly anticonvulsant, helps in case of sore muscles, lumbago and contusions. Anti-inflammatory, helps to fight colds, headaches and dizziness.
Stimulating, animating, promotes thinking and puts your mind at ease, promotes concentration, antiseptic, reviving, prevents colds and the flu, refreshing, supports and activates breathing.
Silver Fir
Especially good for easing sore and strained muscles, good for treating colds, bronchitis, urinary tract infections, helps strengthen the psyche, facilitates healing of wounds, helps in case of rheumatism, blood-flow, diseases of the teeth, conjunctivitis …
Mountain Pine
Increases the blood flow – increases energy levels, strengthens, animates, helps to fight colds, prevents diseases, disinfectant. Eases coughs, hoarseness, colds and cold-related muscles aches.
Rosemary & Lavender
Rosemary: activates the circulation. Its inspiring scent activates the whole organism and reenergises.

Lavender: relaxes after mental and physical stress and balances.
Juniper & Lemon
Juniper: soothing, depurative, anticonvulsant, analgesic, balancing, strengthening

Lemon: anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, strengthens the heart, anticonvulsant, animating
Balancing and refreshing, helps to balance emotional instability, tensions and stress. Balances moods, soothing and helps to create an atmosphere of security and lightness.
Smells a little like celery. Good for soups, salads, stews, dishes with potatoes, pulses and for making schnapps.
Lovage tea is diuretic, promotes the digestions and helps in case of heartburn.