The Power of Stones

New Vitality with Stones and Minerals.

How jasper, rose quartz & co influence us

Gemstones emerge over millions of years under extreme heat and enormous pressure – these concentrated energies release them gradually. They have fascinated people with their great variety of effects for millennia. So don’t be surprised about the carafes with colourful stones, which you find for example in our spa area – they are not only a treat for the eyes, but recharge and revive the water. This reviving effect is then passed to us with the water. Test it – and experience the refreshing strength of different stones: from depurative amethysts, to purifying jaspers to soothing rose quartz stones.



Balances the metabolism, eliminates calcium deficiency, cleans the lymphatic vessels, boost the immune system, represents inner stability
Regulates the metabolism and boosts the immune system, depurative effects, eases headaches, boosts the concentration, has soothing effects on heart and nerves
Jasper & Red Jasper
Boosts the circulation and the digestive system, supports mineral balance, strengthens the will power, represents courage, energy and joie de vivre
Rose Quartz
Strengthens the cardiovascular system, purifies the body’s liquids, promotes blood flow, is soothing and improves the sense for all things beautiful