New relaxation areas at your hotel in Obergurgl.

Our new feel-at-ease apartments.
Your home at the heart of Gurgl.
Bookable from 30 November 2023:

We will do everything we can to spoil our guests every day anew in our lovely living spaces that ensure a picture-book holiday thanks to their ambience and typical charm. From November 2023, we will present six new and very homely apartments and - in addition to their stylish interior - we will also provide all our guests with a place that makes it easy to relax and wind down. That’s exactly our kind of perfect vacation. At over 1914 meters, your alpine time out and your adventure begins right here in the center of discovery.


approx. 85 m²
for 3 – 6 persons
from € 390.00
per day / apart


approx. 80 m²
for 3 – 6 persons
from € 420.00
per day / apart


approx. 70 m²
for 3 – 5 persons
from € 360.00
per day / apart


approx. 54 m²
for 1 – 4 persons
from € 260.00
per day / apart


approx. 58 m²
for 2 – 4 persons
from € 320.00
per day / apart

Apartment Gletscher

approx. 120 m²
for 4 – 8 persons
from € 580.00
per day / apart

Your mountain sports hotel with an extra plus of regionality, Alpine ambience and unobstructed panoramas.

Holz Sauna
Küche im Hotel
Bar table with a drink and snacks
Schneewanderung in verschneiten Bergen