Wellness at your hotel in Ötztal

Your alpine time out starts here with us. And ends high above the treeline.

If you take a closer look, then your well-being area in Ötztal extends a full 67 kilometers - from the valley’s entrance to Gurgl. From the bottom of the valley to more than 250 peaks higher than three thousand meters. Alpine time out stands for space. Warmth. Fresh mountain air. Crystal clear spring water. The humming of bees on warm summer days. The chirping of crickets on mild evenings that you wish they never end. We have put the icing on the cake when it comes to this unique feeling of well-being at our in-hotel wellness parlor. Here you relax at a pleasant 90° C in the vitality sauna. Free your mind at a lovely 30° C in the infrared cabin and at 43 to 46° C in the steam bath. You can feel the full energy of local herbs with all senses in the 55° C warm herbal sauna - using mountain pine, lavender oil, peppermint, juniper and more. Wellness in your hotel in Ötztal is not just about warmth. When kneipping - the traditional way of treading water - you stimulate your circulation and improve your blood flow.

Roter Apfel im Korb
Wohlfühlbereich mit Sonnenliegen


Sometimes you have to close your eyes to see properly. Release your mind to catch new thoughts, to be able to relax and to breathe. The splendid location of Hotel Alpenaussicht and its wonderful view of the surrounding mountains promise the very best conditions - and our stimulating vitality area offers ideal prerequisites so that you can simply let yourself go.

Bring body and mind into harmony when the cozy warmth at our 90° C vitality sauna gets your circulation going and your immune system is strengthened at the same time - feel the magic elemental power of the mountains. This is classic sauna enjoyment in an extraordinary ambience - created especially for your well-being.


Free your respiratory tract and enjoy fine herbs, all of which unfold their incomparable effects in a gentle way - effects as diverse as the broad spectrum of our selected herbs. Most of them from own cultivation. Always from our rich Alpine world.

From revitalizing mountain pines to relaxing lavender oils and anti-inflammatory peppermint or blood-purifying juniper plants - they all have a beneficial effect on your precious health. Ideally at our 55° C herb sanarium.


Gentle warmth opens your pores and cleans them gently in a holistic way. Look forward to naturally radiating skin, maximum moisture and a heavenly, well-cared feeling of long-lasting freshness. And of course, truly relaxing moments at 45° C, 100% humidity, encircled by countless fine scents of fresh Alpine herbs, flowers, fruits and stimulating spices at our vitality steam bath.


The infrared cabin has a unique effect on your holistic health, dispels top-heaviness, tiredness and depressive moods by providing new life energy, strength, impetus and even more motivation - at a gentle 30° C through healthy infrared heat. Tense muscles after an exciting day on the slopes or hiking are also relieved and your immune system is strengthened.


Thanks to the power of water you get your circulation going and strengthen your immune system. Arterial blood flow is also promoted with traditional water treading, also known as Kneipp therapy. Varicose veins can be prevented and the quality of sleep is also significantly improved - especially after a Kneipp session in the evening. For maximum recreation.

Free bathrobes are available for you for stays of 7 nights or more - up to 6 nights you can get your bathrobe for a washing fee of € 10.00.

Our wellness area (textile-free) is available to you free of charge from the age of 16 every day from 3.00 to 7.00 pm!

Vitality and energy are wellness.
And much more.

At Alpenaussicht vitality is a holistic principle. A philosophy and an attitude towards life. It starts with a tasty regional breakfast in the morning and continues throughout the day and night when you enjoy healthy rest and recharge your batteries for your mountain adventures to come. Vitality and energy are the panorama that accompanies you every day. The friendly smile with which we meet in Ötztal. The huge variety of Alpine nature that inspires us in all seasons. The power of herbs. Forests. Stones. All this stands for wellness at our hotel in Ötztal.