Wellness at your hotel in Obergurgl

Discover the varied world of herbs in Ötztal. With all senses.

Myths and legends have always been entwined with herbs and spices. Many are said to have healing powers, others were even used to brew magic potions - and who knows, maybe they are still used today. We believe that our mountain herbs are full of energy and vitality. That is why we use them for cooking and at our sauna or steam bath. But before they are added to our regional treats and dishes or hit a hot stone together with fresh spring water by developing their effect as steam, the herbs absorb valuable nutrients from the rich Alpine soil and grow under the Tirolean sun. We harvest many of our herbs ourselves - some in the scenic outdoors, some in our herb garden. They are just as much part of the Alpine region’s culture as they are part of wellness at your hotel in Obergurgl.


Refreshes the soul, frees the head, has a very strong antispasmodic effect, helps with sore muscles, lumbago and bruises. Inhibits inflammation, helps with colds, headaches and dizziness.


Stimulates, cheers, promotes thinking and concentration, calms, has antiseptic effects, invigorating, prevents colds and flu, refreshes, supports and activates breathing.

Silver fir

Helps particularly well with sore muscles and muscle strains as well as colds, bronchitis and urinary tract infections, promotes blood circulation and wound healing, brings psychological strengthening, relief from rheumatism, dental diseases, conjunctivitis, etc.

Mountain pine

Promotes blood circulation - increases energy, invigorating, encouraging, against colds, preventing diseases, disinfecting. Brings significant relief from coughs, hoarseness, runny nose and flu-related muscle pain.

Rosemary & lavender

Rosemary: stimulates blood circulation. Its inspiring scent activates the entire organism and provides new energy.
Lavender: relaxing effects after mental and physical tension, brings you into balance.

Juniper & lemon

Juniper: has a calming, blood-purifying, antispasmodic, pain-relieving, balancing, strengthening effect.
Lemon: its effect is anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, heart tonic, antispasmodic and mood-enhancing.

Lemon balm

Has a balancing and refreshing effect, helps with mood changes, tension and stress. Calms the nerves and helps to create an atmosphere of security and ease.


Smells a bit like celery. Suitable for seasoning soups, salads, stews, potato dishes and legumes as well as for making schnapps.
Lovage as a tea has a diuretic, digestive effect and helps with heartburn.