Wellness at your hotel in Tirol

Treasures of Eternity

Hildegard von Bingen, who was born in the 11th century, described the healing power of stones. And even today none of the fascination with precious stones has been lost. The history of origins alone is amazing: precious stones are formed under enormous pressure over millions of years. The energy that is stored in this way is still gradually released today. Therefore, several stones and crystals are said to have healing power. And that's why you will find water carafes in our well-being parlor, in which some precious stones sparkle. They enrich the water and can thus develop their healing power in a gentle way. Wellness at our lovely hotel in Tirol is energy and vitality drawn from regionality. Foresight coupled with a down-to-earth thought of being connected to our nature. By the way, you can also find nature in our culinary art and the sauna parlors.


Brings metabolism into balance, eliminates calcium deficiency, cleans lymph vessels, strengthens the immune system, stands for inner stability.


Regulates metabolism and strengthens the immune system, helps with headaches, promotes concentration, has a blood-purifying and calming effect on heart and nerves.

Jasper & red jasper

Supports circulation and digestive system, balances mineral household of the body, strengthens willpower, stands for courage, energy and joie de vivre

Rose quartz

Strengthens the cardiovascular system, frees body fluids from impurities, promotes blood circulation, has a calming effect, increases the sense of everything beautiful.